Work Requests

Please provide the complete list of Hartland residents at your property. We use the directory to collect information on the homeowners but we need resident children as well, including adult children over age 24 who live with the homeowner to provide care. Information on your children is kept confidential and will not be shared or published for any reason. 
If there is any reason you believe that your adult children who no longer reside in Hartland might want to take advantage of the new 'Hartland Extended' membership for the season, please provide their information as well.
If there is not enough room for your family information, please fill out an additional form to add the remaining family members. Thanks!
Pool - Resident info for access
Children whose permanant legal residence is in Hartland. Homeowner's children over 24 may be asked to provide proof of Hartland residence (ex: drivers license).
Children whose permanant legal address is NOT in Hartland that might be interested in a Hartland Pool Extended Family membership.
Grandchildren for whom you provide daycare or grandchildren that will visit the pool with you.
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