Elfonzo's Travels 2023

Hartland's holiday elf awoke from his nap. 
All around the neighborhood, he'll do his laps.
Twice each week, we'll share a clue ...
That points his direction. What do you do?
Search out the elf, search near and far. 
Search walking around, or search from your car.
When you have found him, you can enter your name
In the Elfonzo drawing. It's a fun game!
Enter the drawing on the clubhouse steps.
Your name and address are what the slip gets.
Then April will draw a name for a prize ...
It will be sent via email to all of you guys. 

November 27

We know Rudolph and his nose
guide Santa’s sleigh.
But did you know Christmas lights
also help him find his way?
Elfonso’s found a house who
knew just what to do.
Penguins standing guard
have a spectacular view!
Lights lining the sidewalk
and along the flower bed.
There’s so much light,
stumbling isn’t something for Santa to dread.
Two stacks of presents stand tall
and two trees made of lights stand even higher.
This house can be found
very close to Brookshire.
Balls of colorful light
sparkle in a front tree
and the windows hold Christmas images
that will make you shout with glee!
The brightest lights KENtuckians Ever SAW.
All the neighbors stare in awe.
Find this house quick b
efore it’s too late.
Elfonso must seek out
another house that is great!
LOCATION: 3732 Kenesaw Drive
WINNERS OF THE DRAWING: Amelia, Isabella, and Olivia Peterman

November 30

X marks the spot,
Where 'fonzo has landed.
You think it's too easy?
Don't take it for granted!
Candy canes in an X,
Bright bows on the house.
And off to one side,
Elfonzo will browse.
The lights on the roof, 
Shining bright as can be.
And even more candy
As sweet as you please.
Is the clue just too broad?
Nah, you'll figure it out.
Just check all the streets
To remove all your doubts!
LOCATION: 2205 Broadhead Place

December 4

Though the Grinch sneakily steals xmas lights.
The smiles in Whoville remain joyful and bright.
Little Lucy Lu Who has nothing to fear,
She knows that OLD St Nick will soon climb near.
Also standing guard is a giant Frosty the Snowman,
On a street named for nuts you won’t find in a can.
So come see the reindeer and you too will believe.
You can also check the countdown of days til presents you’ll receive.
LOCATION: 2300 Old Hickory 

December 7

Elfonso’s on the move again;
Where oh where did he go?
Just a hop, skip, and jump away,
To land upon a long and winding grove. 
He’s hanging with lots of inflatables—
Mickey, Olaf, and The Grinch are in the mix!
This house looks so pleasant and cheerful,
So go find the spot that Elfonso picks. 

December 11

Clue to be posted on this day.

December 14

Clue to be posted on this day.

December 18

Clue to be posted on this day.

December 21

Clue to be posted on this day.
Elfonzo moves around Hartland every Monday and Thursday between Thanksgiving weekend and Christmas week. Clues to his whereabouts will be posted on the website and sent via email.
If you spot him, stop by the clubhouse and fill out a ticket to enter the drawing. Materials are provided in the bright green box outside the front door so you can enter the drawing at any time of the day or night. There will be one winner drawn for each location Elfonzo visits. Gift certificates will be mailed to the winners.
The drawing is limited to Hartland's younger residents but we hope everyone will continue to enjoy the holiday tradition of searching for our friendly elf in the neighborhood.