CAUTION! We have identified an issue with the retaining walls adjacent to the pedestrian bridge between the rear parking lot and the pool house. Two of the retaining walls have cracks that have increased in size over the winter and those same two walls have begun leaning slightly outward. The retaining walls are separate structures from the bridge, which remains structurally sound. We have already spoken with masons to assess the situation and we will be working with architectural and engineering experts to determine a course of action. As soon as we have a firm plan, we will share the information with everyone. Yes, we are aware that pool season is rapidly approaching so we are working to resolve this situation as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience as we move forward.
Finally, out of an abundance of caution, we request that you do not walk on or near the retaining walls, nor in the drainage basin near the base of the walls. It's not likely that anyone would be in those areas in this weather, but please refrain from climbing, walking on, jumping off, running around, pushing, pulling, punching (ouch), prying into, or being in the immediate vicinity of the retaining walls .... consider it practice for avoiding the area when construction starts.