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May 20 - Pedestrian Bridge Complete (Target Date!)

The pedestrian bridge, which is 30+ years old, had reached the end of it's lifespan; earlier repairs to address significant termite damage were also terminal. The retaining walls at each end of the bridge were failing, leaning forward and developing large cracks. The new bridge will be approximately 12 feet longer than the old bridge, extending closer to the back parking lot.
May 20 is the current target completion date. Ryan Brown Contractors showed up the day after the contract was signed and have been working steadily since that time. See below for pictures of the progress to date.
HHA liaison:
Greg Padgett (2024 Board)
Current costs:
   $5,400  Yeiser Structural Engineering
   $2,000  Mark Yanik, Landscape Architect (bridge design)
      $316  City permits, copies of plans
  $92,000 Ryan Brown Contractors (1 of 4 bids)
    $3,000 Special Inspections
    $8,065 Red Oak Lighting
        TBD Electrical
        TBD Irrigation
$110,781 Running total 
       April 24: Concrete walls at each end poured; bridge deck extended
Two weeks of rain and the resulting mud (ugh!)
March 28: Work on concrete walls at each end of bridge continues.
March 24: Setting joists on the new bridge.
March 19: New concrete foundation piers complete.
March 15: Setting posts, steel cages in preparation for new foundation piers.
March 5: Grading the area prior to construction.

May 30 - Summer Kickoff for Hartland Families

What food trucks will be on site?
Below are the vendors currently scheduled to join us for the kickoff. Links take you to their full menu; Freshie's Ice Cream and West Sixth Brewing will be sharing a limited version of their products at this event.
- Bert's Speakcheezy
- Flying Waffle
- Frenchy's Pizza
- Freshie's Ice Cream 
- West Sixth Brewery
Can I bring friends to the event?
Please do! Weekday pool guest fees are $5 per person. To make it easier to transition between the pool and food truck areas, we'll be using wristbands to identify guests who have paid their guest fees and residents who have already checked in at the desk.
Do I have to go in the pool area to enjoy the games and food?
It's not required to be in the pool area.  This early in the pool season, it could be cold in the water so until we get closer to the actual date to know the water temperature, we're not sure if there will be pool games or land games (or both). 
If I want to go in the pool area, do I have to check in every time I leave for food?
Nope! We're doing the wristband thing so you can just show your wristband (and smile) as you travel between the pool and pizza.
You scream, I scream, we all scream for ... DID YOU SAY FREE ICE CREAM?!
Yes, yes, we did. The first 50 children aged 12 and under will ... with Mom or Dad's permission ... be given a ticket to redeem for a free ice cream scoop.

June 8 - Picnic in the Park

How can I reserve a table?
Click here to reserve a table.  Reservations must be made and paid for by May 1.
How do I pay for my table reservation?
You can drop a check for $60 at the clubhouse during office hours (10-2 p.m. weekdays) or in the mail slot at the back of the building after hours. Or you can click here to make an online payment. Payment must be completed no later than May 1 and is non-refundable.
Can I attend the event without reserving a table?
Absolutely! There is a general admission area where residents can spread out their picnic blankets and enjoy the concert. Last year, we had families with younger children that enjoyed the concert while playing games and enjoying their picnic in this area.
Who can attend this event?
The Picnic in the Park is open to all Hartland residents and their friends.
Are there any restrictions on table decorations?
We ask that you avoid balloons, open flames, live animals, and explosives.
Can we bring our own tables? 
Please do not bring your own table(s). For consistency in the table decorating contest, we prefer a level playing field (or dance floor, in this case).
May I bring my children to the event?
Absolutely! Childlike friends and spouses are also welcome. ;)
When can I begin decorating?
The concert area opens at 2:00 p.m. on June 8, 2024 for you to begin decorating your table(s).
Who are the judges for the table decorating contest? 
You are! There will be ballots available to all attendees from 5:00 - 6:00 p.m. The winner(s) will be announced approximately halfway through the evening.

June 23 - West Sixth Beer Garden, Food Trucks


August 16 - Back to School Family Fun Night



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