2022 Hartland Homeowners Board of Directors and Property Managers
Kris Kearns, President
A firefighting super-hero, Kris is often seen about the neighborhood in his bright orange cape and tights. Don't be alarmed if his superior sense of smell lands him on your doorstep for a safety check. He is able to tease the scent of burning food and smoking curling irons from the neighborhood atmosphere and will not rest until the danger is addressed. Did you catch his viral video last year where he discharged not one, but TWO fire extinguishers last Memorial Day to save the holiday dinner when Chris Evan's great Aunt Edna inadvertently set the oven on fire attempting to make a robust rutabaga souffle!? Thrilling!
Lisa Richardson, Vice President
My husband Alan and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary by breaking ground on our new home in Hartland, moving to our Abbeywood home in October 1989.  A 35 year veteran of the IT businesss, my husband and I also have rental property near campus and for fun, we remodel houses. After so many years in IT, it’s very refreshing to finish a day with tangible evidence of my work in the form of tiled bathrooms, updated flooring, fresh paint, or new cabinets. 
This year, I look forward to increasing the level of engagement in the neighborhood by learning more about what our residents value and then planning changes and events that satisfy the diverse interests of our Hartland community. I recently deployed our new website, focusing on the concerns raised in last November's resident survey as well as providing automated support for our Property Managers.
Chris Evans, Treasurer
A Hartland resident since 1797, Chris was one of the original settlers in Kentucky. Born and bred in the Bluegrass, he is well known for his freakishly strong constitution that has enabled him to spend over 200 years farming in the area. The Evans family raises the finest rutabagas and parsnips, which are proudly served in many of local restaurants. Chris holds the neighborhood record for winning the July 4th beer dive 22 years in a row (we don't talk about the year he tied with Kris Kearn - he's a little sensitve about that one).
As Treasurer, Chris is focused on ensuring a balanced budget that is focused on maintaining the common areas and providing a robust social schedule for Hartland residents (well, as long as they party early - a farmer's day ends early in the wonderful world of parsnip picking).
Sheila Ferguson Sanders, Secretary
We've lived on Bonhaven since 1994. I hold the unique distinction of having my parents (Estates) and daughter (next door) all living in Hartland - three generations!
I am a graduate of Vanderbilt University and UK College of Medicine, working in the UK Department of Ophthalmology my entire career. I specialize in glaucoma and cataract surgery, am currently Vice Chairman of Ophthalmology. I am also a co-founder of the Tri For Sight Triathlon. Having both our girls grow up in this neighborhood was a special experience, especially our years on the swim team. In 2007 - 2009, we held the Hartland Kid's Triathlon. Those were fun days! I think our neighborhood strikes a good balance between engagement and privacy.
I volunteered for this Board because I'm committed to maintaining the standards of excellence Hartland has enjoyed for decades. I want to be a responsible steward of the dollars we invest in this community. Lifelong friendships form here. The more opportunities we have for fun and enrichment together, the better. In financially challenging times, it will be important to maintain the infrastructure, character, and safety we have come to expect. I truly look forward to the work ahead.
Meredith Ramage, Social Chair
My family and I moved to Hartland in 2015 and lived on Woodfield Circle for 6 years. We recently moved to Abbeywood and couldn’t imagine living in any other neighborhood. I have three sons, Josiah, 15, Joaquin, 12, and Jacoby, 6. Josiah attends Bryan Station High School. Joaquin attends Southern Middle, and Jacoby attends Seton Catholic. My husband Devon is a Real Estate agent with the Brokerage after 17 years in marketing at Lex18, and I am in my 12th year as Principal at Northern Elementary. I have a B.S. from WKU, a Master’s from EKU, and Ed.S from UK and I will begin my doctoral work at UK in the fall. Chances are you have seen me running in the neighborhood. Running is a passion and also allows for stress relief!
I got involved with the board as a way to help our neighborhood be the best it can be. Hartland is a special place and we hope to keep it that way for years to come. The pool is an absolute favorite for my family, especially the 4th of July festivities! I look forward to serving our community and getting to know even more Hartland residents!
Susan Scott, Property Manager
Our family moved to Lexington in 1993 knowing no one.  Our kids were on the swim team where we immediately met new friends that, to this day, are still our best friends.  Hartland has been the BEST community for our kids and for Briggs and me.  We could not have asked for a more ideal place to raise our family.  In 2003, when the neighborhood purchased the clubhouse/pool/tennis courts I became interested in being the property manager as I had been a commercial property manager for 7 years before taking time off to raise the kids.  Fast forward almost 20 years!!  I have loved managing the neighborhood.  I have met some incredible people and trades through the years.  I have tried to initiate activities and experiences that I hope the entire neighborhood can appreciate and enjoy.  It's been a wild a crazy ride at times but I wouldn't trade it for anything.
April Thompson, Property Manager (starting April 1)
April has lived in the neighborhood for 18 years. She  has one son, Evan, and is the widow of the late Russell Thompson. April previously served on the HOA board for 4 years.  In her spare time time April enjoys spending time with her son, her dog & cat, and always cheering on “ The UK Wildcats”!!!