Hartland Park Mowing Update
Posted on Jul 9th, 2022

On June 16, several residents of the Hartland neighborhood, including April Thompson (HHA Property Manager), Chris Evans (HHA Board), Kent Mason (Chair, HHA Park committee), and Lisa Richardson (HHA Board) met with Chris Cooperrider (Deputy Director of Parks and Recreation) and Councilman Brown to discuss residents' concerns about the naturalized areas of the park that were created as part of the 'Back to the Bluegrass' project. The main concerns raised were the reduction of usable park space, the increase in pests, snakes, and rodents in the yard adjoining the park, the increase in dangerous ticks in the park, and the general impact of the un-mown area on the value of homes adjoining the park.
After reviewing our concerns to the Parks and Recreation team, Deputy Cooperrider confirmed that they have agreed to the following changes as a result of the meeting:
  • Bush hog the savanna and the flat area of the short prairie within the next two weeks; for information on where these areas are, check out this document. This area will be rough in the short term. for the first couple times.
  • Seed and cover in straw the bare area in the fall (Sept 1 to Oct 1 timeframe), leaving a few oak saplings for harvesting this fall
  • Council Member Brown looking at NDF funds for benches
  • Cap stone repair
  • Mow a couple more access points for fishing at the pond.
Thanks to everyone who attended the meeting. We encourage our residents to share their concerns with the Property Manager, who will ensure the Board is engaged to address issues.
Comment By: Gary Hart
Posted on Jul 10, 2022

That is GREAT news with the tick problem that seems to be worse this year.
I do have a question about the pond. Has anyone caught any fish from the pond? I have walked around the pond and have seen several large goldfish. They are an invasive species that will soon destroy the pond’s ecosystem and eliminate any native species…..bass, bluegill, catfish etc, that may be in the pond now.

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