HOA Board

All residents of Hartland are members of the Hartland Homeowners Association (HHA). In addition, residents of the Estates and Executive homes each belong to a second homeowners association specific to their homes of Hartland. These additional associations are required for the management of the private roads in each of those areas.
The Gardens of Hartland is a separate legal entity, with their own homeowners association.

Hartland Homeowners Association (HHA)

 2024 Officers 
 President: Greg Padgett
 Vice President: Scott Davidson
 Vice President: Chris Hauser
 Secretary: Lisa Richardson
 Treasurer: Zach Johnson

Hartland Estates Homeowners Association (HEHA)

 President: Carter Cassidy
 Vice President: Mike Heath
 Secretary: Jim Martin
 Treasurer: Ron Cadle
 Board Member: Karen Kelly

Hartland Executive Homeowners Association

 2024 Officers
 President: Todd Clark
 Vice President: Angela Duncan
 Vice President: Karen Milgan
 Secretary: Bud Watson
 Treasurer: Grace Johnson

Gardens of Hartland

President: Jerry Sherrow
Vice President: Nancy Officer
Vice President: Mike Allen                                                           
Treasurer: Debbie Diorio  
Secretary: Tom Lester